[[Known Locations in Kaer Maga]]

Explored Core Districts:

Downmarket Establishments: 

• Blair Spell: A small, established shanty, specializing in magic. It is managed by an old elf, Tayrageena Skylindock, missing knuckles on his pinky and ring fingers. Wagnard has obtained spells from Tayrageena thus far.

Hospice Establishments:

• The Green Dragon: A standard inn, on the outskirts of the Hospice district that has none of the attractions favored by many of the townsfolk, but serves as a suitable inn. The PCs have stayed at this establishment without issue.

•The Strapping Lad: a three-story bordello, featuring an all-male staff. Lyra has visited the establishment thus far, and witnessed an array of performances involving bondage and suspension, which was enjoyed by the customers as a sort of performance art.

Explored Ring Districts:

Ankar-Te Establishments:

• The White Lady: A brothel specializing in risque desires, and housing a cadre of undead courtesans. Terrik has visited this brothel and infected three of the undead with his virus.


[[Known Locations in Kaer Maga]]

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