Shattered Star

The Dhampir

Following the incubus' defeat, they continued exploring the hallway. Perfide spotted a well-hidden pit trap and advised everyone how to avoid it. Further on, they find a row of marble pillars, each carved to resemble a beautiful woman, although one pillar was missing a head. Thinking back to the statues they fought before, they prepared for battle. Unlike the statues before, however, three of the statues heads detached and climbed down to fight the group. They were able to kill the scuttling heads and moved onward. When opening these double doors, they are met by a shirtless Dhampir, standing at the ready. He called out, "Greetings friends or foes," with an otherworldly calm, "Which be you? I'll let you past if you be the former, but fear I must prevent your passage if you be the latter. Would you speak the pass phrase for me?" They attempt to talk their way through, but the Dhampir sighed, saying "Then I have no choice but to stop you." The Dhampir then became invisible and started casting buff spells off to the side. As he was building himself up, everyone else readied prepared actions against him. When the Dhampir reappeared, their readied barrage killed him. The PCs went through this room, which wound back around to another small beach overlooking a small underground lake. Dozens of tiny colored motes of light flit and danced in the air, illuminating a vast cathedral-like cavern. To the east, the water cascaded down to a lower level. An artificial island stood at the center of the lake, and on the island stood an immense glass statue of a beautiful woman. Two seven-foot-long mounds of sand also broke the smooth contours of the beach, each bearing a long, oval shield atop it. Satisfied there, the group retreated to the bedchambers and rested. Feeling refreshed, the party went to the painting and all (except for Robo) kissed the statue, and were teleported to a stone platform overlooking an underground lake, an enormous watery cavern, whose walls were covered by phosphorescent lichen providing modest, yet eerie illumination. There were three rowboats tied to stone posts on the dock, while a carving of a leering demon, extending a hand in greeting, decorated the platform's northern wall, with the Thassilonian word "Farewell," carved into the stone. They could make out another platform some distance away with a large red panel on it. The group boarded two of the boats and began rowing towards it. Midway through the lake, they spotted movement below the water, and were attacked by a group of swimming undead, attempting to turn the boats over. The PCs managed to kill them and keep rowing. When they reached the panel, they saw this, too, had numerous scenes depicting the same woman as before, this time on a throne as numerous strange monsters bowed before her: giants, dragons, sea monsters, and more. Pressing the center button (depicting Runelord Sorshen dominating a giant) caused the panel to glow with Thassilonian writing along the upper edge, reading "And so do the mighty Architects serve eternal!" as it swung open. The panel led them to a massive hallway, where a female cave giant sat on a large throne. She identified herself as Sorshen and demanded they prostrate themselves before her, or she would have her pet lizards kill them. The PCs attacked her instead and killed her and her lizards. Searching the area, they found several chests filled with the bones and organs of past meals (and a few gems), while Perfide found a platinum plate bolted to the back of the throne, which read "A gift for my Mistress Sorshen from her humble servant Ayandamalha, dedicated this celebrated day, the 25th anniversary of her ascension to rulership in Eurythnia. Present – Runelord Sorshen, Ayandamahla and her daughters Ashamintallu and Erixadallax, Lord & Lady of the Burning Bright, the Sisters of Charming & Delectation, and the Baron of Calamities, along with all slaves, servants, and supplicants in this, the Lady's Light. May she reign unchallenged forever." Finding nothing else, the group got back into the boats and continued rowing down the channel. Further, numerous ledges began to line the walls to either  side of the lake. Some of the ledges contained manacled humanoid bodies, in advanced stages of decomposition. Two large bat-like creatures lurked in this area and attacked the group. After defeating them, they continued into an even larger area, where a magical compulsion hit the group, attempting to convince them to strip down to nothing and swim to shore – an urge they were all able to resist. Perfide also spotted something swimming under the water – something big, and urged them all to row faster to shore. They reached the shore of the cave, and saw two separate tunnels. Screams were coming from one of the tunnels and they rushed to investigate. Here, they saw a sea hag with numerous tiny gremlin-like creatures with crab claws. The hag was torturing a woman, who now appeared unconscious. She was naked, save for a tattered slip, and bound, hand and foot, to a stone slab. The hag introduced herself as Daefu and began ranting about how happy she was to serve Sorshen, because Sorshen brought her new things to torture. The group slew her and the gremlins and rushed to heal the woman. 


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