Shattered Star

The Cupcake

The group moved back around to the front of the house, where Wagnard used his Gloves of Reconnaissance to peer through the walls, spotting an entry hall, where two mechanical figures stood sentry next to a door, with a mechanical eye with wings peering overtop it. He also spotted a dining room where two clay figures guarded the doorway. They decided to to through the entrance, where the two mechanical sentries came to life and attacked them. They dismantled them, but noticed the mechanical eye didn't move. Closer inspection revealed it was  the preserved corpse of an arbiter – an inevitable outsider. Wagnard peered into the next room, which appeared to be a parlor, with many decorations on the walls. They went through the room, when Lyra noticed a small bone carving that was no longer on the wall. It revealed itself and attacked. After killing it, they moved into a room with walls of glass. In the middle sat a chair with a desk in front of it. The desk had an arm on it that would begin writing whenever anyone in the room spoke. Pages had been recently removed from the stack but, after Perfide did a rubbing of the paper on the stack, he uncovered the monologues of a person named "Kanya," who described that while she loved Berkanin, she was simultaneously jealous of and attracted to someone named Herifax. They continued down the hallway, which led into an open kitchen. The kitchen was adorned with many automated limbs that animated and awaited instructions. While Perfide scouted onward, Wagnard ordered a sandwich, while Terrik ordered a milkshake. The limbs abided and made their food. Wagnard suggested Lyra order something and she requested a cupcake. As the appliances were working, Perfide accidentally triggered a trap which made the oven explode. Perfide dodged the blast entirely, while Wagnard and Terrik avoided some of the flames – Lyra took it full force and fell to the ground dead. In a last attempt at servitude, the kitchen had managed to produce Lyra's cupcake and it dropped unceremoneously onto her corpse. Wagnard pocketed the cupcake for Lyra to enjoy later and they worked out a plan to revive her. Wagnard and Terrik were to take her back to the temple of Calistria while Perfide stayed in the shadows to observe the house. Gav led them back to the temple where he used his contacts to secure a resurrection for Lyra at a discounted rate. While doing that, Wagnard spotted a harpy that marched down the stairway to the second floor and made a pass around the ground floor, before moving back upstairs in frustration. When they returned, Wagnard advised them of what he saw. Wagnard also produced Lyra's cupcake to her, which had been imbued from magic from the final moments of the magical contraptions. As she ate it, she received a flood of information both ancient and recent into her mind (giving her bonuses to Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (local). They moved upstairs to the next floor. One door led to a small shrine, devoted to Brigh, the goddess of inventors and constructs. Another room appeared to have been turned into the harpy's den, with a hastily constructed nest and piles of droppings all over. Searching the room, they uncovered a journal in scrawling Common. The journal belonged to Herifax, who was apparently the harpy Perfide had spotted earlier, and described her affections for Kanya, who she had hoped to become "nest mates" with. The PCs also explored a small office, where a mirror was magically linked to the eyes that peered down the stone tunnel leading up to the manor. Further, a covered walkway led up to the next level on the opposite tower. As they crossed, Herifax sprung from her hiding position and took to the air, attacking. The group returned fire and as Herifax called out for Kanya and the door to the adjoining tower opened, Wagnard launched a stinking cloud, which kept Kanya at bay. The group kept up the fight against Herfiax with flying summons and ranged attacks. When they downed Herifax, she let out a wild shriek. Perfide, who had reached Kanya, saw her drop to the group in anguish, and he offered to spare Herifax if she surrendered. They brought Herfiax back to the tower, where she was revived, and the two had a touching reunion. They agreed to leave, and they flew off into the city, with Herifax carrying Kanya in her arms. 


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