Shattered Star

Kaer Maga

The group proceeded into Kaer Maga, where they were plagued with numerous children offering their guiding services (also while attempting to pickpocket them). One such kid hails them as Pathfinders and introduced himself as Gav Nahli. The PCs asked Gav where they might find more information on something powerful and magical. Gav's initial thoughts were to investigate the Therassic Spire and the group of troll oracles known as the Augurs, but quickly dismisses those prospects, as the Spire has been locked up for days, and the Augurs are currently on strike. Wagnard asked how long the Spire has been shut (wanting to seek out additional spells for his spellbook) and Gav advised it's been closed off for several days. At Gav's urging, he led them to an inn called The Sorry Excuse in Hospice district, where they met a troll augur named Vargun. She explained that the Augurs were currently on strike due to a rising conflict with the Ardoc family of the Bis district. A member of the Ardoc family named Berkanin had kidnapped Vargun's brother Augustille, with the intent of experimenting on him. City politics prevented either party from intervening directly, so Vargun made an offer to the group to rescure Augustille and, in return, she would assist them in obtaining whatever knowledge they required. They agreed and talked with Vargun more, getting information on some areas of the city before departing. Determined, the group had Gav lead them to the Spire. As they made their way through the town, the diversity of the townsfolk became immediately apparent. Of particular note was the significant number of undead servants used by the townsfolk, making it difficult for Perfide to surpress an urge to eradicate them all and also instilling a sense of injustice in Terrik. They were able to make their way to the Spire, and found the doors were indeed locked. Wagnard used his magical abilities to peer into the doorway, but saw no one hiding behind the locked doors. They waited to see if Wagnard could find another aspiring magic user to trade spells with, but had no luck. Wagnard asked Gav if there were any other places where he could find spells, and Gav directed him towards the Downmarket. Perfide accompanied Wagnard to the markets. Terrik, meanwhile, was more interested in the area of town specializing in the creation of undead. Gav led Terrik and Lyra through the colorful Oriat district to Ankar-Te, where undead could be purchased as servants or to satisfy more carnal desires. After the tour, Gav led them back towards The Meeting Post to wait for Perfide and Wagnard. Meanwhile, Wagnard sought out the most powerful wizard he could find, and asked if he would be able to procure a spell of Disable Construct. The offer immediately sent the wizard into a panic, holding his hands up and revealing two hands that were missing knuckles of their index and pinky fingers. He claimed to have no knowledge of such a spell and seemed particularly frightened to even discuss it. Wagnard asked about procuring other spells, which he was willing to do. After getting the spells, they also met up at The Meeting Post. Gav began to show them several establishments in the Hospice district, and they decided on a nondescript establishment called the Green Dragon. After settling in for the night, Lyra and Terrik snuck out to explore the town. Lyra made her way to The Strapping Lad, a brothel catering exclusively to males. She entered and watched an elaborate display of bondage and suspension. Terrik returned to The White Lady in the Ankar-Te district, where one could arrange for a night with those of the undead. He selected three women in various stages of decomposition and infected them with his Vivification Virus, under the guise of taking the three undead to bed. Afterwards, Lyra and Terrik returned to the inn. The following morning, the group set out for the Bis district, led by Gav. As they walked the streets with Robo in tow, they received several offers to do enhancements to him, but they refused. Gav led them to the hanging balcony where Berkanin's manor resided, assuring them he'd stay down below. There was a stairway carved into the stone walls of the city leading up, and a mechanical lift with the platform at ground level. The PCs decided to use the lift and, as they approached, Perfide spotted a tiny, clockwork dragon that shrieked and flew up to the balcony. The group boarded the platform and raised the lift to the manor level, which contained a large house and a courtyard, covered in plantlife. As they got off, two large plant creatures arose and attacked them. After killing them, they explored more of the courtyard and found another strange hanging creature in a shed of trash, which they were also able to defeat. Continuing their search led them around the side of the house to what appeared to be a large alchemical scrap heap. As they approached, a mechanical golem burst out of the pile and attacked them. After dismantling it (and storing it away in Terrik's Bag of Holding with the intent to give it to Morgamer Pug) they searched the scrap pile. 


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